We LOVE, PASSION, and DEDICATION to each of the brand's projects.

From 2013 to now, SRC has constantly developed to become a prestigious and sustainable partner with leading brands in Vietnam. Besides implementing solutions for Content marketing, PR & Event, Digital marketing, Production and CRM; SRC is also in charge of consulting and implementing integrated Marketing & Sales projects with a focus on helping brands develop sustainably with optimal solutions in terms of results and budget.

Let's develop the optimal SOLUTION to GO UP during the COVID period.

How is Marketing & Sales reasonable and effective during the current difficult Covid pandemic? SRC will accompany the Brands to find the optimal solution


SRC’s services provide solutions to help the Brand develop its mark in the hearts of customers and realize targeted business plans. With the principle of putting the customer as the center and promoting optimal efficiency in each project, SRC always accompanies the Brand in Marketing & Sales projects with all creativity and passion.


Content Marketing

SRC builds strategy and creates content compatible with brand strategy; and at the same time ensure legal copyright for the content.

Digital Marketing

SRC consults and deploys integrated solutions on digital platforms to effectively build brands and target indicators.

CRM Management

SRC consults and implements CRM activities from detail to synthesis to create touch points on the journey to build brand loyalty.


SRC advises and gives high-conversion PR plans for brand identity building activities.


From design, printing, video recording, audio recording, video clip post-production, software programming services; SRC applies advanced technologies to make a difference for products.

Event & Activation

SRC develops events with innovative content and advanced technology to enhance customer experience.


Communication Services for the Health Industry

SRC connects brands of medical and nutrition products/services with the target audience to enhance personalization.

Financial Marketing Services

SRC cooperates with banks, financial institutions and fintech companies to develop and execute sales & marketing projects.

Trading and distribution services

SRC accompanies in distributing, providing promotional gifts and operating multi-channel e-commerce.


SRC accompanies the Brand with the heart, mind and resources we own.

Distinctive Content

Wide network of affiliate partners

Large data system

Abundance resources


SRC Brands have accompanied & developed


SRC wishes to contribute to the marketing and business community by sharing our knowledge and professional experience.