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What will it be like when you work at SRC. You are not an employee who comes to work from 9am to 5pm daily at SRC. You will be part of a large family united through kindness and deep connection. We are confident that this connection between each member of SRC will bring good vibes for motivation and commitment to achieve better results.

Why working with us?

At SRC, you will be challenged by different project with higher and higher difficulty to overcome. At the end of each project, you will be proud of yourself to bring value to the community and, of course, customer. We offer you a very open working environment that encourage you to contribute idea to the team success.

We believe in the independence within each person. Therefore, we encouraging giving each SRC member a free and flexible space and power to executing each task independently yet self-learning from each project. Besides, each member of SRC is given a chance to work in team that they have a chance to practice teamwork, management and optimizing operation. Every projects done, there are lessons learned, experience gained and a newer self is born.

Working environment:

Friendly, open, kindness and generosity environment are what we can describe about our environment. We believe such environment we are establishing is the one that creating strong bonding, continuous improvement of each member of SRC. Each member improvement is highly appreciated and will be rewarded accordingly.

Enriching your knowledge

Knowledge is considered to be the foundation of one’s capability. What makes us happy about our people is each one have a desire to learn continuously via SRC knowledge sharing day each week. You can learn a lot from other people from past experiences to specialize knowledge of each SRC member. This help creating innovation and creative vibe in the team.