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Content Marketing

Our first priority in the process of content creation is Brand specialization and guaranteed copyrights. We do our best to ensure that our content is not only creative, but also complies with all copyright laws and regulations.

SRC with its team of experienced editors, copywriters and translators is working hard to deliver quality and trustworthy content to ensure top quality and exceptionally creative content. In addition, SRC collaborates with writers, editors and publishers to ensure the final content results.

The Brand’s message to the customer, in our view, should convey the right tone and mood, but still be precise and believable. We believe that customers are being attracted by engaging content in TVCs, packaging, brochures or handbooks. That’s why every content our team creates, they are the result of our team’s efforts to form a genuine and solid connection between the Brand and the customer.

Our services in Content Marketing:


  • Proposing Brand strategy
  • Content guideline


  • Protecting Brand’s content with legal and copyright
  • Take copyright content
  • KOL and expert


  • Reporting
  • Designing
  • Multi-channel digital content
  • POSM: poster, leaflet, booklet
  • Software and apps content

Benefits cooperating with us

Our content creator team is capable of creating content for different platforms such as academic report, brochure, and digital content.

We have solutions for Brands that require a more in-dept and reliable content. We will cooperate with experts, editors, specialized writers, publishers and agents to consult, buy and negotiate on copyright in Vietnam and around the world.

Our inhouse team of editor, copywriter and translator have spent years in developing diverse and appealing content. Together with experts and professors in various fields, the team successfully creates and edits content.

Production is one of the most important part in our content creative. SRC can actively publish content from scratch seamlessly from the idea to production.