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Financial Marketing Service

SRC has a large database of different categories, personnel and technologies, we cooperate with banks, financial institutions and fintech companies to plan and execute Sales and Marketing projects to different customers.

This is a suitable solution pack in financial field for any company that having demand to push sale and marketing solution for new product and service.

Integrated solutions in financial marketing service:

Solution pack that we offer for banks, financial organization including:

  • Opening ATM card and credit card.
  • Loan services
  • Tele sale and call center.
  • Card activation
  • Other marketing services.
  • Branches development
  • Loyalty management.

Benefits working with us

We are proud to provide you with large amount of higly diverse database for each of the digital marketing solution being executed. This is the key for us to customize to your campaign and reach to the right customer.

Our team are very flexible in executing sale and marketing campaigns across different channels such as tele-sales, digital and nationwide merchant network to achieve established goals and objectives.

We have a great advantage in partnership with banks, fintech companies and merchant across the country to possibly make your objectives. It is our responsibility and belief that your sales and branding goals will keep evolving.