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SRC has a deep understanding of patient’s wishes and doctor’s expertise, SRC proposes tailor-made solution and plan that connecting Brands in the field of medical, nutrition and medical equipment with customers and patients. We are proud that our campaign has unique personalization that makes a slplash their mind.

We believe that our extensive network in the medical field will be a strong support for our optimal medical communication solution. We make sure your message will be heard and shared thoroughly and bring a reliable source of energy for both customers and patients/doctors.

Integrated solutions we’re offering:

This is a solution pack that SRC tailor-made for medical Brands to help them thrive and reach further to Brand’s target customer.

In this solution pack, we offer you various services as follows:

  • Medical document translation.
  • Printing and designing POSM.
  • Website and social network content.
  • Planning and executing social campaign in various public medical, and medical student network.

  • Workshop, seminar at hospitals, clinics, and medical center.

  • Websites,
  • CRM management system, (mobile) apps.

Benefits working with us:

We are proud to have a wide connection with the system of hospitals, medical centers, medical schools across Vietnam. We believe that recomendations and ideas from experts are reliable informations for many of your Brand communication campaign communication.

Apart from our wide partner network, we have a creative team of high experiences in executing multichannel communication campaigns that fits your Brand needs.

Leading Brands place their trust in working with SRC in healthcare and medical fields to convey valuable messages about healthcare to everyone. We are very grateful to Brands such as Nestle Health Science, OPV, Merries, Huggies and Abbott for choosing us.

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