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SRC has a deep understanding of the criteria of the desired client’s campaign. we do well in providing the most optimal solutions possible for each production operation in order to commit timeline progress and project results.

What we produce is the wide range from graphic designing, printing, recording and video editing, software coding and photo shooting. We promise to make differences to the final products with state-of-the-art technologies and resources.

Our services in Production solution

  • 1
    PACKAGING DESIGN AND PRINTING: We can create a quality POSM such as booklet, brochure and leaflet with the best quality with an inhouse design team and printer all across the country
  • 2
    PHOTO SHOOTING: Our creative team has all experiences in editing and producing photo shooting concept and video recording that most suitable for your campaign demand.
  • 3
    VOICE RECORDING: SRC has a good relationship with all recording studio and voice talent that help you convey your message in the most effective way.
  • 4
    PROGRAMMING: We are proud to have cooperated and produced a lot of apps and software that are highly applicable in various Brand’s campaign.