SRC provides solutions help Brands become the memorable Brands in their customer’s mind. SRC helps Brands implement stategies perfectly to meet the certain business objectives.  Our philosophy is to put customer in the center to optimize outcome of each project. SRC is commited to being your dedicated and creative companion in all of your marketing and sales projects


Content Marketing

Our creative team are thrill to bring you great content that fit your Brand. Copyright protection is also our advantage.

Digital Marketing

Consult, execute business solution on digital platform to reach efficiency in building brand according to statistic


We love to create touch point in building customer loyalty and experience. CRM is the ideal way to reach the objective.


SRC take part in the process of consulting and planning PR campaign to form a higher conversion rate in brand building activities.


Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to create different in each product that we produce such as graphic design, film recording, voice recording, video editing, and coding.

Event & Activation

Our event is distinctive in high-tech event to increase customer experiences.


Medical communication services

With wide network of partner in medical services, we prioritize in personalize messages to target customer.

Financial Marketing Services

SRC cooperating with banks, fintech companies and financial organization in Vietnam to execute selling and marketing projects.

Trading and distribution services

We offer service in distributing, gift purchasing and operating e-commerce store.

Your ULTIMATE COMPANION to help you THRIVE in the mist of the pandemic. Let’s go with us.

Want to increase sales and marketing to survive and thrive during the COVID pandemic? SRC is ready to be by your side to help you find out the optimal solution for Brands development.