Why you need a content strategy template

A content strategy template can help you cover all of your bases when it comes to content marketing. If you create your strategy without a template, you might forget important elements. There are so many elements that go into developing an amazing content marketing strategy. A template makes sure that you don’t forget any of them.

The ideal content strategy template

The most important elements of any content strategy are deep knowledge of your target audience, doable content production expectations, seamless content operations, and measurable goals and results.

A content strategy isn’t just about coming up with great topics. That’s only part of the puzzle.

Copy, paste, and fill out this template!

Audience Persona(s)

  • Persona name
  • Industry
  • Role
  • Level of experience
  • What they need to achieve
  • How they currently handle this
  • What is difficult about their current method
  • Why our solution is better
  • What they’re able to focus on with our solution in place:
  • Quantifiable results they get from our solution:
  • Emotional and psychological impacts of our solution:

Distribution Plan

  • Paid ad prioritization
  • Employee ambassador availability
  • SEO prioritization
  • Social-sharing prioritization

Content Formats and Channels

  • Core content formats and channels
  • Micro content formats and channels
  • Goal content formats and channels to launch later

Content Categories and Topics

  • Content Categories
  • Content Topics Per Category

Content Schedule

  • Weekly content
  • Monthly content
  • Quarterly content

Goals and KPIs

  • Production KPIs
  • Monthly website traffic
  • Monthly demo requests
  • New monthly email subscribers

Content Operations

  • Content operations software
  • Collaborators per content format or channel
  • Process per content format or channel

Analysis Process

  • Content analysis software
  • Reporting process
  • Actions to take

The above content is about sharing what the content strategy template should be. How you build your content strategy will depend a lot on what your customers have requested, information you learn about the challenges. knowledge they’re facing, the industry you’re working in, and the time you can spend on strategy.

This strategy template has all the elements you’ll need to start researching and writing a content strategy. It is also structured to help you plan the content of your projects.

More details will be in the next post

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